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The global train market is expected to double within the next 10 years. This means that train builders have to guarantee the availability of on-board toilets for more trains and passengers than ever before.

Problem: Insufficient know-how and capacity can hold up production, cramp passenger satisfaction and impact your bottom line.

Solution: Trainvac is a team of experienced specialists providing turnkey, integrated sanitary solutions for trains in any required quantity. Availability guaranteed.

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The system control that adapts to your needs.
Every train fleet is different. Every onboard toilet, too. So the technology of the sanitary system control either needs to be reinvented for every train-building project… or the system needs to be really versatile. To the relief of train fleet operators everywhere, we chose versatile. Trainvac responded to the challenge and developed the perfect solution: A system controller with a real high-end CPU that provides you with performance and flexibility never before seen in train toilet systems. The touch display makes it really easy for installers to set up the system…
Toilet system control of the future

The vacuum toilet that’s easy to maintain.
The technology of vacuum toilet systems has not changed much in the past 15 years. Existing toilets on trains do the job but leave a lot of room for improvement (and often unpleasant smells as well). That is why we thought it was time to rethink the whole system and flush out the old ways of thinking about onboard sanitary ware. Supported by the Business Development and Technology Transfer Corporation of Schleswig-Holstein, we brought together all the learnings which had been accumulated over the last decades.
The vacuum toilet revolution

European Union backs Trainvac’s new generation vacuum train toilet.
New generation vacuum train toilet. The aim of this development project is to become both cost and performance leader in the industry with a fundamentally newly developed vacuum toilet system and to gain competitive advantages through innovation. Only a significant technological leap can ensure that systems and products can be supplied to the railroad industry from Germany in the long term.The R&D activities to close the existing technical gaps focused on the aspects of availability, reliability, maintainability and …
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“Demand for rolling stock will double by 2030.”

Matthias Autzen, Managing Director, Trainvac


If you’re a train manufacturer, operator or commodity buyer, you need scalable onboard sanitary solutions. You need WC systems that will keep your rolling stock up to date and deliver customer satisfaction in the long run.

Consider the industry experience and fresh thinking of Trainvac.

With our agile integration approach to sanitary systems, we enable train builders to achieve and maintain high production rates. And with 100% OEM parts availability guaranteed over the entire life cycle of the vehicle, we offer operators and buyers complete peace of mind.

When you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go with the sanitary systems team that will keep on going.

Here is what we can do for you:

  • Requirement management
  • Project management
  • Engineering and Design / R&D activities
  • Testing & validation
  • System integration

Trainvac engineering and integration


Vacuum toilet systems – Trainvac Compact. Readily available, quickly fitted. Minimal downtime. The Trainvac Compact enables the ...

Vacuum toilet systems

Vacuum toilet systems – Trainvac Central System. The Trainvac Central System allows you to connect a number of toilets to a single vacuum tank. It ...

Vacuum toilet systems

Toilet module structures. Attractive, practical and adaptable cabin modules from Trainvac comply with the latest standards. They…

Cabin modules

Door systems. If you are planning a rolling stock refurbishment or a new build, Trainvac offers a wide variety of cabin door solutions for sanitary cabin modules in ...

Toilet cabin door systems

Control and communication systems. Keep up with new advances and customer expectations. Our integrated toilet cabin system ...

Control and communication systems

Fresh & waste water tanks. Because the design of rolling stock differs depending on the manufacturer and model, Trainvac offers a wide range…

Fresh water tanks and waste water tanks

Water supply systems. Trainvac can provide you with a wide selection of water supply and water heating systems. These can easily integrate with…

Water supply systems for trains

Accessories.Trainvac has developed and can offer a wide range of components and accessories for every application. These include ...

Trainvac accessories

Why Trainvac

If you are looking for scalable, turnkey sanitary solutions for trains that consider the needs of your business, the comfort of rail passengers and the wellbeing of the environment, you may see the advantage of partnering with Trainvac. Our combination of industry experience, systems thinking, seamless integration and a portfolio that covers the supply chain from A – Z makes us unique.

And by the way, we are fully certified.


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