Trainvac – innovators in toilet systems for the global railway industry

Why Trainvac drives innovation.

Quite a situation: long years of experience gathered in a dedicated product field - and suddenly been given an opportunity to do it all afresh, anew - and made to meet tomorrow´s market needs...
It has been only three years since TRAINVAC started – and a vast scope of product development and innovation has yet been completed: vacuum toilets in various configurations, a complete family of cutting edge controller products have been designed and validated in intense lab – and field – tests, and are in serial production for railway projects now!
A full line of products, with a remarkable range of unique features, the innovative potential of which is illustrated by no less than 10 (!) patent and utility model applications filed for already.
Intent of all innovation in TRAINVAC´s range of products is to grant real value added for rail operators using TRAINVAC products. As availability, reliability and long-term stability are the essence of all expectation of our product, all innovation initiatives are aiming at that target.