Vacuum toilet compliant EuroSpec

EuroSpec is a consortium initiated in 2011 and composing of six European train operating companies: NS, DB, SNCF, ÖBB, SBB and RDG. The vision of EuroSpec is to align passenger train operators´ needs to reduce LCC, shorten delivery times, and to speed up innovation cycles (from
For toilets on railway vehicles a EuroSpec specification had been published as well (toilet-systems-3-0).
When Trainvac designed our all-new and modern range of vacuum toilets, full compliance with EuroSpec requirements was assigned high priority.

One of the truly operator driven requirements in EuroSpec is a very practical one: “...the toilet bowl shall withstand cleaning in a wash machine and cleaning with a high pressure water cleaner...” - when vacuum toilets are coming back in for regular preventative maintenance or repair, thorough cleaning is essential prior to any works being performed on them.

Trainvac vacuum toilets, including electronic controllers, connectors and harnesses installed, are designed and tested for protection class IP65 and validated in industrial washing machines, thus enabling industrial cleaning - with no impact to performance or longterm stability of the system.