Vacuum toilet with cleaning nozzle in intermediate tank

Reliability and availability of the vacuum toilet system on a train is essential for its everyday operation – and this no matter how it is being used by the passenger.

On sanitary modules on trains where paper towels are available for hand drying – despite of information signs for the passengers - it is inevitable that paper towels are finding their way into the toilet system.

As paper towels are made of rich and stiff paper quality, they do not rapidly dissolve in water, thus tend to accumulate and solidify inside the intermediate tank of the vacuum toilet. This is posing a severe risk of blockage which will ultimately put the toilet out of service.

Trainvac engineers have come up with new ideas to deal with that challenge: an additional flush nozzle in the intermediate tank can be used to regularly clean the vacuum toilet from within (patent pending). Frequent operation of this cleaning nozzle with water rewets potential remains inside the intermediate tank and makes sure that the entire content is being transported towards the waste tank.

Trainvac engineers find simple, yet very practical solutions to significantly increase performance and availability of the vacuum toilets in your train!