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Strategic quality principles

Our goal: help you scale. To get there we apply four strategic quality principles.

Gain competitive advantages through innovation Innovation makes our systems much more attractive and also more readily available. Our customers (you) need a reliable system that meets regulatory requirements and complies with established standards. We deliver! In order to achieve “zero failure”, we rely on the vacuum systems experience of our team. And to uphold our quality standards, we boost their enthusiasm, motivation and professional pride by encouraging them to think off the beaten track.

Collaborate and integrate with partners As Trainvac, we focus on our core competencies: vacuum toilets, control technology, project management and sales. To be 100% certain that the rest of our offering is of equally high quality, we develop and monitor our no-compromise standards, and assign work packages to qualified service partners, each a specialist in its field. This partnership approach will enable us in the future to offer completely integrated toilet cabins from a single source.

Work cost-efficiently Our customers insist on cost-efficiency across the entire product life-cycle. To meet this need, we also demand cost-efficiency internally from our own organization. Our hierarchy is flat and communication lines are short, so we can concentrate on projects and reduce overhead costs. Partner integration makes us flexible; we react quickly to changing customer requirements and industry conditions. That way we can handle even small projects economically, while still maintaining top quality.

Innovation needs freedom We want to give our employees this freedom in the sense of a balanced work life balance. The employees of Trainvac GmbH and our partners ensure the quality of our products, services and processes. We see it as a management task to communicate and promote this sense of quality and responsibility. Risk-based scrutiny of our actions against the background of the market in which we operate forms the basis for continuous and sustainable improvement measures. Our goal is to identify risks and opportunities early on in order to avoid mistakes and exploit potential. 


We are certified according to EN 15085 and ISO 9001

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