Sanitary systems

Let's turn
challenges into solutions

If technical compliance or procurement is your responsibility, outsourcing your trains’ sanitary system requirements to professionals such as us can make life a lot less stressful for you.

And if you have an unusual request or bright idea to develop, bring it on! Our company culture is open to new concepts and brave visions. We welcome any challenge with our unusual blend of tried and tested expertise and a future-oriented mindset.

You may value our way of working. We encourage a collaborative exchange of know-how and ideas. We uphold systems thinking and live by agile processes. Best of all, we work with our clients to deliver the most appropriate solutions to meet and exceed their needs.

If you prefer

  • to outsource specialist engineering services
  • scalable integration
  • systems thinking
  • reliable, sustainable technology
  • agility…

we should be working together.

Systems thinking: the journey to success


Requirement Management

  • Request for quotation
  • Technical Specification
  • Clause-by-clause
  • Compliance Matrix

Project management

  • Project planning
  • Task Management
  • Development process

Engineering & Design

  • R&D activities
  • Product Development
  • Welding Design acc. EN 15085
  • Bonding Design acc. DIN 6701
  • Strength calculation (FEA) acc. EN 12663-1
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Software development acc. EN 50128
  • Hardware development acc. EN 50155

Testing & validation

  • Type testing
  • Endurance testing
  • Environmental testing (e.g. EN 61373; EN 50155)
  • Fire protection testing acc. EN 45545
  • EMC testing
  • Design Reviews

System integration

  • System type testing
  • Software testing
  • First article inspection (FAI)

Trainvac CARE

  • preventive maintenance
  • corrective maintenance
  • spare parts
  • upgrade kits

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