Performance upgrades for existing fleets

Vacuum toilets operated in passenger trains worldwide are subject to preventative maintenance typically every third year. In other cases a system overhaul is performed.

These maintenance or overhauls are granting the possibility to provide full or partial performance upgrades to your existing fleets to and enhance the functionality of the vacuum system towards a significant improvement in terms of availability, reliability and transparency of performance data!

Trainvac offers replacement items for periodical replacement spare parts with downward compatibility in form/fit/function and full conformity to specification of many of your existing systems installed.

See us for possibilities to apply one of Trainvac´s performance upgrade kits to your installed fleet, offering value added functionalities and performance improvements, incorporating e.g. EuroSpec compliant design, CBM enabled control systems with webserver interface, preventative maintenance improvement functions etc.

Let Trainvac state-of-the-art vacuum toilet products – down to component level - make a difference, supporting you to meet and exceed your performance targets.